23 May 2019
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Tabriz  University of Medical Sciences
 Tabriz University , one of the oldest and biggest university of Iran , was established in 1947,and medical education under faculty of Medicine grew along whit it .  In 1985,faculty of Medicine and all related medical subjects got separated from Ministry of Science , Research and Technology and merged with Ministry of Helth establishing Ministry of Helth , Treatment and Medical Education .  Thus it came out from Tabriz University and started its own educational , research and medical activities indepndently.  Since then , it has been actively involved in helth and treatment tasks in Northwest region.

Tabriz University of Medical Sciences includes nine faculties, 12 associated hospitals, 3 research centers, 480 academic members, and more than 4700 students .


 Drug Applied Research Center (DARC )

Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, inspired by a message of Imam Khomeini who said: "the most important factor for self-sufficiency and reconstruction is to develop research and scientific centers", started to establish Drug Applied Research Center (DARC) in 1998.  Officially, it started its activities from December 2001 in the Medical Research and Development Complex of Tabriz University of Medical Sciences.  Locating of Drug Applied Research Center in the mentioned complex made various facilities of the complex Available for the research center.   Most important of these facilities are as follows:

1.  Computer and informative department

 This department offers a wide range of facilities to support teaching, research and administration.  At the moment it has two connection lines with 128 and 512 kb per second and seven servers that are covering all parts of the university.  Existing of three big rooms and more than 35 computers, makes it possible to perform workshops and computer learning classes.

2.  Auditorium

The auditorium hall of Medical Research and Development Complex has a capacity of 150 people with audio-video equipments and several side rooms to conduct workshops and group works.




 Scientific development and improvement of applied research in the field of medical sciences and pharmaceutical technology
 Attempting towards fulfillment of country's requirements in the field of pharmaceutical affairs
 Performing basic, epidemiological and clinical researches to improve upon health and treatment services of society
 Contribution to the improvement of the quality of research in medical studies in the university and high education centers
 Cooperation in bringing up researchers in the field of pharmaceutical sciences
 Scientific association with other national and international institutes and research centers
 Performing scientific conferences, seminars and congresses about new findings of medical and particularly pharmaceutical sciences
 Encouraging and persuading of researchers and scientists towards development of scientific researches by means of economical and spiritual support


Future Plans 

Although Drug Applied Research Center started its initial programs and activities by establishing five laboratories of Instrumental Analysis (now called Pharmaceutical Analysis), Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmacology, Pharmacognosy and Synthesis, in 2001, it covers twenty two laboratories that are completed and perform their activities at the present.  These include laboratories of Bacteriology, Clinical Pharmacy, Drug Metabolism & Biochemistry, Drug Design & Chemometry, Genetics, General Lab, Heart & Lung Clinical Lab, Histology & Cell biology, Immunology, Molecular Biology, Nutrocuticals and food safety, Parasitology, Physiology, and Radio Pharmacy, and Toxicology.