23 April 2019
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Drug Applied Research Center attempts towards it's objectives using following facilities.

Animal Room:

Using of laboratory animals in primary experiments and as a model of human has specific importance in fundamentals of clinical researches.  Proper specificities of different laboratory animals such as short-term of reproduction and evolution, easy propagation and maintenance, high sensitivity in some physiological and pathological cases and impossibility or limitation of performance of most experiments on human resulted in more application of laboratory animals in research purposes .

     Animal room of  the research center has provided  ability of  reproduction and maintenance of  mouse, rat, guinea pig and rabbit.  In addition to adjustment of light, temperature and humidity, we offer limited services such as small surgeries and some instrumental behavioural researches.

Cell Culture Room equipped with Co2 incubator and other required facilities

DNA synthesizer with capability of using ten different bases and producing 10 µmol to 40 mmol primers

Freezers: Deep freezers (-80º C), Liquid nitrogen fridges and containers with different capacities, and Walk in Freezer (-12 to -25)

Different Chromatography sets such as HPLC, GPC, and amino acid analyzer

Spectroflorometer with different cell holders for different purposes

Different Spectrophotometers with UV and Visible lights

Different Electrophoresis such as capillary, vertical, and horizontal electrophoresis, usable with gels, SDS-PAGE, and native PAGE

Electro blotting

Gel dryer

Electron Microscope

Cell separator with ability of separating different cells in different gradients under sterilized conditions

Freeze Dryers with different adaptors

Liquid Scintillation

ELISA System

Centrifuges with different sizes, rotors, and speeds, even ultracentrifuge