16 December 2018
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Head of laboratory
Dr Soodabeh Davaran, Professor (PhD)
E-mail:  davaran@tbzmed.ac.ir

Dr Salar Hemati, Researcher Professor (PhD)
E-mail:  salarhemati@hotmail.com

Dr Davoud Asgari, Researcher Professor (PhD)
E-mail:  d.asgari@yahoo.com

Farzaneh Rasoulzadeh (MSc)
E-mail:  rasoulzadeh91@gmail.com

The main research areas of synthesis lab are as follows:

 Synthesis of drug raw materials:

Because of the presence of about 50 pharmaceutical industries in Iran, there is a great need for production of raw materials.  Therefore, one of the most important purposes of the synthesis laboratory is the synthesis of the required pharmaceutical compounds.  At the present, the laboratory has focused on the synthesis of purine-based drugs using raw materials.

 Synthesis and modification of biocompatible polymers:

The synthesis or modification of biocompatible polymers which used as carriers in drug delivery systems are the research scope of this area.  The polymers under research are acrylic type polymers, modified starch, dextran and cellulose type derivatives.  The preparation of some responsive cross-linked hydrogels is the special interest in this field.

 Preparation of polymeric prodrugs:

This new range of drug delivery techniques provides the chemical attachment of pharmaceuticaly active agents to polymers and preparation of drug-polymer conjugates.  Designing and preparation of sustained release, and controlled release drug delivery systems, specially colon-specific drug delivery systems are of critical importance to research in this area.

 Drug design using QSAR calculations:

The study of the structure-reactivity relationships using the chemometrics QSAR calculations besides the common spectroscopic methods is one of the major interests of the synthesis laboratory.