23 April 2019
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Head of laboratory
Dr. Abbas Delazar, Professor (PhD)      

E-mail:  delazara@tbzmed.ac.ir

Dr. Solmaz Esnaashari (PharmD)
E-mail:  SolmazEsnaashari@yahoo.com

Seddigheh Bamdad Moghaddam (BSc)
E-mail:  bamdad200@yahoo.com


Overview of Pharmacognosy:
Research activities in this laboratory include phytochemical and related biotechnological studies.  In connection to tendency of people throughout the world for consumption of various herbal medicine specially for the treatment of different diseases, essential research activities are necessary.  Because Azarbaijan has a rich plant flora and also this region has been considered by UNESCO as a good resource of biosphere, the province has a great potential for phytochemical studies and making drug products.  In addition most of the plants in this region are remain unknown, requiring conducting several researches in these areas.  In such studies, the genetical investigations can be useful.  Activities in this laboratory may be put in three parts:

 Extraction, separation, purification and determination of herbal compounds:

Extraction of naturl products from different parts of plants by various standard methods, qunlitative and primary identification of different chemical groups in extracts of natural products, fractionation of the primary extracts on the basis of enhanced polarities, separation of natural products by different chromatography methods like TLC; column chromatography; HPLC and GC, identification of purified natural components by instrumental analysis as UV-visible; IR; HNMR; 13CNMR and M.S., quantitative determination of effective components in different parts of plants by HPLC and GC, and finally standardization of herbal products are major research activities of this laboratory.

 Preparation of semi-synthetic compounds:

Preparation of semi-synthetic derivatives of natural compounds such as steroidal hormones from diosgenin and gallic acid and antioxidant derivatives of gallic acid (e.g propyl gallate) from tannic acid are two examples of researches performed with respect to this topic.

 Biotechnology studies:

Extraction and purification of enzymes, genes separation and production of recombinant plasmids and transferring them into the cell are among research topics of pharmacognosy laboratory.