23 April 2019
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  Pharmaceutical Technology
Head of laboratory
Dr Ali Nokhodchi, Professor (PhD) 

E-mail:  nokhodchi@tbzmed.ac.ir


Dr Hamed Hamishekar, Assistant Professor (PhD)
E-mail:  hamishehkarh@tbzmed.ir, hamishehkar.hamed@gmail.com

Dr Javad Shokri, Assistant Professor (PhD)
E-mail:  shokrij@tbzmed.ac.ir

Dr Rezvan Safdary (PharmD)
E-mail:  resafdari@yahoo.com

Overview of Pharmaceutical Technology Laboratory:
The main subject of the laboratory is to prepare different dosage forms and drug delivery systems using raw pharmaceutical materials (formulation).  The research activities currently fall into one of the following categories:

 Skin delivery systems:
This research area specifically involves naturally occurring and synthetic skin penetration enhancers, designing and preparation of skin patches (in collaboration with the synthesis laboratory), and formulation of drugs for topical use.  The laboratory also collaborates with the drug design group of the synthesis laboratory in the quantitative structure-activity relationships (QSAR) study of the penetrating of enhancers.  Furtheremore, the laboratory has potentials to control topical preparations both quantitatively and qualitatively in according with FDA guidelines.

 Oral delivery systems:
 This research topic includes formulation of sustained release matrices also two and multi layer matrices, using cross-linkage and microencapsulation techniques in prolonged release formulations.  the use of solid dispersion technique is one of the important research of this laboratory.  This technique is used in order to increase the solubility of poorly soluble drugs, and improve the quality and efficiency of oral dosage forms.