23 April 2019
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  Histology & Cell Biology

Head of laboratory

Dr Jafar Soleimani Rad
, Professor (PhD)

E-mail: soleimanij@tbzmed.ac.irr


Daryosh Mohammadnejhad, Assistant Professor (PhD)

Dr Behrooz Niknafs, Assistant Professor (PhD)
E-mail:   niknafsbeh@yahoo.com

Aida Azami (BSc)

Overview of Histology & Cell Biology:

Histology & Cell Biology Laboratory:

This unit have two TEM (Zeiss EM-9 and LEO 906) and facilities for traditional tissue preparation.  Research activites in this laboratory include Morphological studies of experimental and pathologic specimens.  Research topics of EM laboratory are focused on factors affecting fertilization and implantation, mainly reprotoxicity produced by environmental and chemical agents.  In females reprotoxicity is evaluated by inducing apoptosis, morphologic and morphometric  changes in endometrium, fallopian tubes and ovaries.  And in males, reprotoxicity is evaluated by  semen analysis, inducing apoptosis, morphologic and morphometric changes in spermatogenesis and semen producing organs.